World of Luxury

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World of Luxury

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The WOL - World of Luxury as one of the important players in the European & Middle east luxury market, is a strategy consulting company that provides creative and very professional services to the global brand industry and with special experience in luxury industry and all premium markets where brands are playing an important roll.

Established in 2005, we are a boutique enterprise with an outstanding reputation on our market.

We are international in both outlook and reach, having served world renowned clients in whole Europe. One focus is to help brands establish business in the CEE markets.

The WOL is your partner in all relation to Brandconsulting.

Call us and test us! We would be happy to serve you. 

"A special service for special brands"


WOL - World of Luxury 

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World of Brands

Here you will find a lot about luxury brands, evaluated and rated by our experts of WOL with a exclusively developed rating system (LUXORIUM INDEX).

Our newest rating tool is developed for Facebook pages analysis.

How you can used this for your social media strategy, please contact us.